Rye Y Story Project: Katie S.

KatieI initially came to the Y with my daughter 30 years ago. She learned to swim here. I always wanted to learn but didn’t succeed in overcoming my fear of the water.

A few things happened to change that. I work for the Cancer Support Team and we sponsor Swim Across America. My job was to check in swimmers. I checked in a young man and told him I was so impressed that he was able to swim 4 miles. He said “You should have seen me a year ago – I didn’t know how to swim. I learned at the Rye Y.” So I enrolled in the adult swim program here and I learned how to swim!

I had three motivations: One, I had early breast cancer and swimming helped me with my goal to lead a healthy life. Two, we have a family home with two gorgeous pools we share in Spain and I wanted to be able to truly enjoy them. Three, I wanted to raise funds for the Cancer Support Team’s Swim Across America team. I wanted to contribute to the greater good.

Last year, I joined the TRIBE and have now completed two triathlons in Sandy Hook. Laura Tiedge was so encouraging – she took me in hand and gave me the courage to swim in open water. This year the waters were rough but I had my wet suit and I didn’t panic. It was a great feeling, a great achievement for me.

I have met so many friends through the Y. I attend group ex and Aquacize classes here most weekday evenings and Sunday mornings. I enjoy chatting with other members before class starts. I find the staff so professional and encouraging – a very welcoming environment. It is my life now to come here and get good exercise and be as healthy as I can be.