Rye Y Story Project: Judith

JudithI came to the Y over 10 years ago because my daughter Elissa told me to. I injured myself in Florida, had a back operation and could barely walk. I started in the pool. There was one pool with about 7 people in a class – not like it is now. Now it is WOW, over the top. I live for it. I’m here almost every single day. Now they have wonderful water stretching classes that help me even more. I often go to two classes in a row. When I don’t go on the weekend, I feel it.

I’ve met several friends in the pool – a few of us sometimes get together after class and have coffee at the Patisserie. We have big lunches organized by Jeannie 3 or 4 times a year – next is our big Christmas lunch. Some of us also do the lottery together. One of these days we hope we’ll be in the news as a group from the Rye Y that won Powerball.

It is fantastic that we have the Wainwright House. I love the Yoga teachers. I go to Barbara’s gentle Yoga class and Carol’s Restorative Yoga – really excellent. Carol lives far away but even in bad weather we know she’ll get there.

This is my home and I don’t know what I would do without it. When I go to Florida I use the YMCA there, but it is not like here, no comparison. I got my husband to join. My oldest son does triathlon and comes early to spin. My two younger grandchildren are involved in several classes including swimming. Almost my whole family comes here.