Rye Y Story Project: Joan

JoanI enjoy golfing, tennis and walking and have a treadmill at home. When I broke my rotator cuff about 10 years ago, I joined the Y for the pool. I also have arthritis and knew water exercise would be easy on my body. At first I was intimidated by the whole idea of putting on a bathing suit and getting in the pool. I felt uncomfortable but had to swallow my pride. I realized everyone is in the same boat – wearing speedos, no makeup. We’re all here for our own reasons.

The pool is the best thing for my whole body. I feel a big difference if I don’t come. I make the effort because it feels so wonderful – even though it would be so much easier to just get on a treadmill. It takes extra time to get here early in time to park and change. I like the aqua jog classes in the Pa Cope pool. The warmer the water is the better – it feels like heaven. I feel no pain in the water and never get tired of it. Sometimes I enjoy socializing with others in the class but am also very happy to be in my own zone.

Coming to the Y helps me take care of myself and be as healthy as possible.