Rye Y Story Project: Jen

JenI moved here seven or eight years ago from England. We didn’t know anyone at all in the entire country. It was just me and my husband. I couldn’t work because I didn’t have a visa. I was at home by myself. My husband was working. I had no way to make friends. Joining the Y was the first thing I did. It was the best thing ever!

I was swimming and working out in the fitness center. I ended up volunteering as a swim coach and lifeguard.

Now, I’ve got 2 ½ year old twins. Once the kids were born, any mom will tell you, this is the best place. I come in for all sorts of things. The best thing is all of the wonderful ladies at Childwatch. [Leaving the kids there] was my sanity time. It was the only thing I got to do on my own.

This is all pleasure for me—just working out, seeing the friendly faces. I’m just hanging out, taking it easy. It’s my happy time. I achieve things other places. I don’t have to achieve here.

When my kids started at Christ’s Church Nursery School, I was sent home straight away because my kids were so used to being with other people. Mine knew that Mommy was coming back because that’s what Gina [at Childwatch] always told them. I love it! They’re all so awesome!