Rye Y Story Project: Elsy and Max

Elsy and MaxElsy (age 4 ½ ): Today we are going to swimming class together. Now Max is an eel too. Peter is my teacher. He is a good teacher. He looks like a giant.

Max (age 3 ½): I like my Daddy. His name is Mike. I like to eat carrots.

Elsy: I like my Mommy. Her name is Maria and I like macaroni. I can’t read yet.

Elsy: We’re learning how to swim with big arms. Whenever I need to breathe I put my head up. I like to float and turn around on my back. Sometimes I sink in the pool because there are waves and they go on my face. We glide and push off slowly. I can’t go too fast or waves go over my face.

Miss Tatum teaches gymnastics. We do cartwheels. My favorite is the bar. I like the white stuff, the chalk. Miss Tatum holds my legs. Now I can do Monkey Bars all by myself. Practice makes perfect.