Rye Y Story Project: Eddie

EddieI’m a lifelong Rye resident who graduated the class of 1981 at Rye High School and joined the Y more than 20 years ago. I was here before the construction. The weight room was in the basement in a musty little closet with one Universal machine. I played racquetball with a group of guys. We would often meet afterwards and go out for burgers and refreshments at Kelly’s.…and those guys are still my buds today….

After the renovations the Y became a hot bed of activity. As I see it, the Y is now an integral part of our community… Coming here and seeing all the familiar faces helps motivate and inspire me to work out every day…well…almost every day…. You have so many beautiful options here – swimming, classes, and the fitness center, just to name a few. I’m not ready to take the classes here as of yet, I don’t want to be singled out as the one guy in the back…LOL For right now, what I do love is working out in the fitness center. I’m very happy with the way it is – the free weights, the machines, and the mats for stretching. There’s enough here to give me a nice diversified workout …

Some of my closest friends are part of the Y family, and I have also made some very special friendships here at the Y. I do enjoy coming to the Y as part of my daily routine, while trying my very best living clean, and healthy, though at times, that could be a challenge for me… The Rye Y is a special place and I’m glad it’s part of my life….