Rye Y Story Project: Dede

DedeI joined the Y about 12 years ago. I had been going to a gym near my home in Larchmont but the machines were too hard on my body. I had a friend with Parkinson’s and brought her here. We did Pilates and swimming together. After my rotator cuff surgery, the aqua classes were perfect for me. I love to walk but it is easier to walk in the water. I have met so many great people here. The instructors are the best I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with the place!

I come here every day during the week and sometimes on Saturday. Our aqua classes are very social. We have coffee together, go out to lunch. Everyone is very nice, very pleasant. The front desk staff is spectacular. They know my name! The parking attendants are the greatest.

A traumatic situation happened in my family and the Y kept me going. The exercise helps the serotonin. It helps you survive every day – keeps you fit mentally and emotionally. What would I do without the Y?