Rye Y Story Project: Debbie

DebbieI was born in the Bronx and moved to Hawaii in 1988. I live on the island of Oahu. I am currently visiting my 81-year-old father who still lives in New York. I recently became a member of the Winward YMCA in Kailua, Hawaii. I have been a member now for about 3 months and was very happy that I could continue to work out while visiting my family and friends here in New York. It is amazing that I can go from the Winward Y, which is completely across the U.S., to the Rye Y and still get a positive experience!

The past couple weeks here at the Rye Y has been great. The people and staff are very welcoming, much like my Y back in Hawaii. I have been able to work out a few times a week like I anticipated while being on vacation, and have enjoyed going to the fitness classes that I know are going to challenge me. I have participated in the back to basics yoga classes and have utilized the swimming pool and weight room.

I was also very impressed when I saw that the Rye Y had a swimming class for seniors. I immediately thought of my 81-year old father. I wish he would participate and get more involved in this community. There is so much here for him! I understand the importance of the senior population staying physically active and improving their overall wellness. I am glad the Rye Y has been there for me while I am here visiting in New York!