Rye Y Story Project: Daniel

DanielAfter moving to Mamaroneck years ago, I decided to join the Rye Y. I needed a place nearby that would keep me active, especially during the winter months. The Y has also provided an outlet for my son, who has attended Middle School Nights and played basketball in the gym on weekends. He’s a real athlete and the Y has been a great resource for him as well. He has participated in Y summer camp and he worked as a CIT last summer.

I recently started taking yoga classes and I find that it helps keep me agile and more flexible. I’m a regular skier and I needed something to prepare me for family ski trips to New England and upstate New York. I have a real routine now of swimming three to four days a week, yoga with Kelly’s class on Thursdays and time in the Fitness Center as well. I also joined the Y Board of Directors about four years ago and continue to serve on the Y’s Community Outreach Committee.

One thing that keeps me coming back is the staff. I find them incredibly friendly and helpful. I walk in and people know my name. It makes you feel like you are a part of a larger community when someone remembers your name.

I’m always surprised to see how engaged the Rye Y is within the community. When I head to the pool for a swim or take a yoga class, I’m always bumping into others I know from the area who I didn’t know were Y members. It’s great to connect that way.