Gymnastics Team

Girls Pre-Team

Ages 5-9
This program is for girls who are expressing a serious interest in gymnastics and is a prerequisite for the competitive team.  Gymnasts entering this program should have some prior experience. Skills required: handstand, cartwheel, back bend and splits.

gymnasticsGirls Team

Ages 6 and up

Our girls gymnastics team is by invitation or tryout. The team is for gymnasts who have progressed through the YMCA class program or have successfully demonstrated a mastery of skills required for level 3, U.S.A.G. The objective of the team is to provide a recreational gymnastics experience. Opportunities to compete in up to ten meets per year will be available upon the discretion of the coach. Gymnasts participate either three or four days a week. Membership required.


By invitation or try-outs only – Ages 8 and up
This group is designed for advanced gymnasts that do not want to participate on a competitive level.  Continue your gymnastics skills with our friends in a fun and safe environment. Participation in this group is by invitation or try-outs only.


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