Enhance Fitness

Enhance Fitness is a special program designed to help older adults at all fitness levels to be more active, energized and empowered. This 16-week evidence-based exercise program has been shown to improve arthritis, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility, and is recognized by the CDC and other national organizations committed to improving the health and wellness of older adults. Work with a certified instructor for one hour, 3 days a week for 16 weeks.

Launched at the Rye Y in 2014, this program is also offered at Wainwright House and the Rye Brook Senior Center.

Click here to view current program guide with more information the Rye Y and Wainwright House program.

Ethel’s Rye Y Story

Growing Stronger through LIVESTRONG at the YMCA and Enhance Fitness

“After I finished treatment for the cancer…I came across LIVESTRONG at the YMCA. It just fit me perfectly. The people were wonderful and the people who ran the program were wonderful. And it made me feel so strong again. It really was an opening experience.”

Later, Ethel discovered Enhance Fitness.

“It was an arthritis-based program, which was right up my alley because I couldn’t walk through the supermarket pushing my cart without getting sharp pains going down my leg. As soon as Enhance Fitness started I was there three days a week… The pain went away…It encompasses every part of the body and just makes us feel good…. I felt strong again and I was back to myself.”