Adult Swim

Below are a sampling of our swim programs for adults:

  • Adult Swim Instruction (beginning to advanced)
  • Free Swim 15 minute swim assessment
  • Endurance Swim Training
  • Freestyle with Flow
  • Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons
  • Swim Stroke Check Up
  • Aqua Exercise Personal Training


Click the links below for details:

Program guide for registration info., class times and fees.
Pool and Aqua Class Schedules
Private Lessons


We also offer daily aqua exercise classes listed below, FREE to members.

Aquacize:A total body workout using shallow water segments with deep end activities to incorporate all types of movements. Routines are done with water exercise equipment to build cardiovascular endurance and enhance muscle tone and flexibility. A challenging workout for all fitness levels.

Aqua-jog: A deep water class using jogger belts. Easy on the joints. Excellent for all muscle groups and cardiovascular systems. This class incorporates a warm up, extended aerobic workout, toning and cool down. Participants use barbells to tone and build upper body strength. water express: A cardio workout combined with strength training< in the water. All levels will benefit from this 45 minute workout that burns calories and leaves you invigorated.
Water Aerobics: A complete body workout that will test your endurance. Water resistance is used to develop your muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and general well being. Concentrating on both upper and lower body, exercises are taught at a quicker pace to burn calories and increase cardio capacity.

Water Stretch: A 30 minute class aimed to help relax and release tension throughout your body caused by daily
living. Performed in warmer water to assist the muscles during stretching.