Types of Memberships

A variety of membership categories are available: Family, Adult, Young Adult, College Away (students home for break/vacation), Youth, Senior, Senior Family and Single Parent Family.

2020-21 Rates 

Type First Month New Member On-Going Monthly Draft Annual New Member Renewal Rate
Youth* (0-17 yrs.) N/A N/A 306* 306
Young Adult (18-22 yrs.) 148.75 48.75 685 585
College Away N/A N/A 416 316
Adults(23+ yrs.) 186.25 86.25 1135 1035
Family (2 adults with or without children, ages 0-17, or up to age 23 enrolled in college and living in the same household) 244.50 144.50 1834 1734
Single Parent Family (Only 1 adult living in household with children 17 and under, or up to age 23 enrolled in college living in the same household) 193.75 93.75 1225 1125
Senior (65+ yrs.)** 171.25 71.25 955 855
Senior Family (one member of family 65+)** 214.08 114.08 1469 1369

*$100 Joiner’s fee waived on Youth Memberships
**To qualify for senior discount, please let us know when you turn 65. As of January 1, 2020, the minimum age for senior memberships has been changed from 62 to 65. A senior family consists of at least one family member who is 65+

 Methods of Payment

1) Draft Checking – Pay as you go! Your checking account is debited once per month on an on-going basis. May be canceled with 15 days written notice to the Rye YMCA. A check or credit card for first month and joiner’s fee due at signing. Drafting is on-going until a 15 day written notice is given. (You must have a check with you to sign up for draft checking.)

2) Annual Payment
Dues paid in full upon joining. Renew yearly.
Payment accepted via cash, check or credit card
(MasterCard, Visa or American Express)

Refund Policy

Membership dues are not refundable. Please click here to view program refund/credit policy  (See camp brochure for camp refund policy.)

Membership Hold Status

Memberships may be put on hold for a minimum of one month (and no more than five months) within a twelve month period at a rate of $15/month. While your membership is on hold you may not use the Y or register for classes as a member. Hold status requires a 7 day written notice. Hold status does not apply to Youth or College Away memberships. Click here for form.

Offender Screening

The YMCA may conduct regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.