VickieH My family and I joined the Y in June 2018 when we moved here from Cork, Ireland. I didn’t know anybody. And now I love to come in and hear everyone say good morning; we are always greeted by a familiar face at the front desk. Read more
Adrienne I’ve been a member 22 years, so the Y and I have been through a lot. It’s been a place for my children and I to exercise and socialize. At the Y, I have access to people of all ages, children to adults and I really value that. Some days I work from home and that can be a bit isolating. When it’s overwhelming, I can come to the Y and see friendly faces and people I know. Read more.
Alan G I have been a member of the Y since the early 90’s and have always been appreciative of the welcoming nature of the Y! Read more.
Billy B. I joined the Rye Y about a year ago. I live in White Plains and previously went to the Y there. When their pool closed, we came here for the kids’ swimming lessons. When my wife wasn’t working she would come here for the swim programs and Mommy and Me classes for the kids. And then I retired and my wife went to work. Read more
Bruce B. I joined the Rye YMCA in 1999 and I’ve been a Rye resident since 1980. I had a very serious heart attack in June of 2018, so now I’m taking my health very seriously. It was a wake-up call for me. I used to work out randomly and never enough, as my wife Ruth Ann would say. Read more.
Christy M. We’ve been members here for almost 30 years, joining as we raised three daughters in Rye. We came initially for the swim classes that they loved. I many hours in the little waiting room by the Pa Cope pool. Read more
Debbie U. I’m not working right now. Last year I had a work related injury to my knee and back. I was working out at the Carver Center and swimming every day, which was helping me. I started doing some weights and the bike but their fitness center is small so I looked at some other options. Read more
Devon R. The Y was our first stop when we moved to Rye with a young child and a child on the way. We were looking for a way to get involved in the community and the real estate agent said, “You need to join the Y.” Read more
Eavan I’ve been a member since 1991 and started with Baby ‘n’ Me classes with all four of my children. They all then graduated to the Y swim team. In addition to swimming, the whole family loves to run, and the Rye Derby is a big part of our life. Read more.
Ellen C. I joined the Y because they were having a promotion. It was after they built the extension, in the 1980s. Before that, because I lived in Port Chester, my friend and I used to go to the Y there. But then she heard that they were waiving the joiners’ fee at the Rye Y, she said “let’s go over there. It should be nicer!” Read more
Erik G We joined the Rye Y to enroll our kids in swim lessons, which led to summer camp and other activities and eventually a family membership. Read more
Evelyn I’ve been coming to the Rye Y for about five or six years now. I started coming for the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program and Peter was our instructor. After I finished the program, I decided to join the Y because I liked it here. Read more
Heather I came to the Rye YMCA about 16 years ago when I got my first part-time job in the Child Watch room or as it was called back then, babysitting room. Read more
The Y has always been a very intricate part of our lives in the USA. The very first time that I visited the USA with my husband was many, many years ago. We went to New York and the second day we went to the YMCA near Central Park.  Read more
I’ve been coming to one Y or another since 1973. We moved to Rye 30 years ago when my kids were very young. At first, the Y was a place where our kids could come and enjoy the activities, be with other kids, get some exercise. All of those things! Read more
Jessica I used to swim here when I was little, so when I finished college and I saw an ad in the paper, I applied! I’ve lived in Rye my entire life and the Y has been a part of my life and my family’s life. I was part of the swim team here. Read more
Karina My family became members a few years ago because my sister was pre-diabetic. We joined as an outlet for exercise and to get healthier. We didn’t like the gyms in Port Chester and came here one day and liked it. Read more
Kat Before I came to the Rye Y, I was working primarily at an afterschool program at a YMCA branch in Pleasantville (YMCA of Central and Northern Westchester). When that program shut down, my boss referred me to the Rye Y and I started working at the summer camp here. Read more
Kem I originally came to the Y when I saw a posting in one of the local newspapers back when my daughter Caitlin was 14. That would be 17 years ago. Read more
Lisneida I’ve just been a member of the Y for a little while. We chose the Y after looking at various health clubs and workout spaces. This was the third place we looked at. We chose the Rye Y because of the environment, and we also wanted a pool. Read more

Janice: So we both decided to come and do the Aqua Flex class.
Lorraine: I love it. I liked Sheila’s class and stayed here because of her. Now she has moved up the ladder. Read more

Louis I had been a member of the White Plains Y since 1983. My office is next door and I live in White Plains. I’ve been swimming at the Rye Y since the White Plains pool closed a couple years ago. Read more

I’m here in order get into better shape. I am newly retired and finally have time to commit to a consistent fitness program. Now it is a priority.I want to increase my endurance and get stronger. Read more

Martha: I’ve been coming here a long time, maybe ten years. I used to go in the pool to swim laps, years ago. But now I go upstairs. I used to do some of the classes and some of our grandkids would come with me.  I’m the oldest of 12 children. And he’s the oldest of seven. Read more
Rebecca My parents joined with a family membership. In the time I’ve been a member, I’ve done swim lessons and five years ago I started with a personal trainer. My mom and dad still go and take classes regularly. As a matter of fact, my mom is in a class now!  Read more
Maureen I began coming to the Rye YMCA from New Rochelle three years ago because of the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. I had two types of cancer and the kindness and expertise of the staff—Denise, Sally and Diane—helped me get back to my goal for a healthier lifestyle. Read more
One of my assignments in my early childhood certificate program a few years ago was to observe an after-school program. I did that here. A couple years later, I heard that Child Watch was hiring and I started working here in 2017. Read more
Susan and Brett Susan: We have been members for about a year and live in Mamaroneck. We come to the Y for the swimming, water aerobics, the pools. We were members of the New York Sports Club and it was hard getting free time in the pool. Read more
I started working here six years ago in Child Watch as a babysitter. Three years later, my supervisor left the Y and I was offered her position. I didn’t accept because I didn’t feel ready, but I wanted to help and learn. Read more

I joined the Rye YMCA four years ago to work towards an exercise routine. I’ve been working with a personal trainer, George, who has given me the incentive to continue towards my goals. Read more

Diane I’ve been coming to the Y since November of 2016. I recently retired as a school teacher in the Mamaroneck School District. I used to swim at the middle school before class. And when I retired, I didn’t have access to a pool. I’m like a mermaid, I’m a fish out of water.  Read more
Donna I’ve lived in Rye for 23 years. I came to the Y about nine years ago for summer camp for my children. After summer camp was over, I found out about other programs. The Y was very generous with scholarships so we definitely took advantage of that. Read more
Sandy I came to the Y at least 20 years ago because I wanted to work out. Until about two years ago, I just did the fitness center. I liked that but then I saw all these other interesting and incredible things like Enhance Fitness and Basic Training and Pickleball.  Read more
I’m here for fitness. I’m a runner so strength training is very important. I don’t use machines; I do everything freestyle. My trainer, Brendan Ahearn, is superb. He is very knowledgeable and takes training seriously.  Read more
Sheila My Y experience started when I was five with gym and swim. Kate Tiedemann (now Coach Kate) and I were both on the Wave Ryeder swim team and I and swam here all through high school. Read more
Ten years ago we moved to the US from London. We are a well-being family, all of us. We needed somewhere local where we had access to fitness. Something more community-based than the latest high-rise gym. And the Y has a fiercely good reputation, not just here but everywhere.  Read more
I joined the Rye YMCA because I was always interested in exercising since I was a teenager. I used to run and do a lot of fast walking but then my knees started to tell me I couldn’t that anymore. So, I had to do something that was a little lighter on my knees and decided to join the Y. Read more
Richard I believe it was 1960 when I joined the Rye Y. I was an avid handball player. And the Y was the place. We had to use the basketball court in the gym, which was in the old wooden building. Read more