Rye Y Story Project: 2015


16-Steve-Newman I’ve been here at the Rye YMCA on and off my whole life. I started on the YMCA swim team when I was six and was on the team when we won States in 1970… Read more
16-SuePadgett I first came to the Rye Y twenty-two years ago. My son was probably three and my daughter was in third grade. I started working in the babysitting room because I could bring him with me .. Read more
Andrew I’ve been a member of the Rye Y for a few weeks, but I’ve been a member of the YMCA since I was seven years old. I’m originally from White Plains and I learned to swim at the White Plains Y…Read more
16-VivianChen We live in Rye Brook and starting coming because of my little one, Sidney, who is two now. When he was one, I started to feel the need to do something with him out of the house … Read more


All my life, I have envied people who can swim. That little voice in my head would always say “someday.” Now I am 68 years old and profoundly deaf…Read more



I joined the Rye Y in October 2014 after relocating from NYC with my husband and three young children. Prior to moving, I was a working mom, with small children and had absolutely no time to exercise…Read more



I became a member about two years ago after the pool at the New Rochelle Y closed. I was at that Y at the exact moment the ceiling collapsed. You never saw so many gray-haired ladies get out of a pool so fast! Read more

16-StephenM  I had been working in Boston as a CFO for three years, commuting back and forth from Rye Brook. I wasn’t getting enough exercise, I was always tired and I never got to see my family…Read more
16-PaulGenovese I joined the Rye Y about eight years ago after being encouraged to do so by my son who was a lifeguard here at the time. He said, “Dad, give it a shot … it’s a great place.” Read more
 16-Midge-Mason  I became a member of the Rye Y in September of 2015 after completing the 12-week LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. Here’s how I got to the Y…  Read more
 16-NicoleBall My husband and I were looking for homes about eight years ago and one of the criteria was a good gym. We looked at other gyms in the area and we visited the Y.  Read more
16-MaxOConner (Age 5) I live in Larchmont. I’ve been a member of the Rye Y since I was one year old. I like to play basketball and swim. I take swim lessons… Read more
16-BradSassenberg I rejoined the Rye Y about a year ago after having heart failure in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Each time I had been found, I was in an unconscious, collapsed state…Read more
16-Kendall-Karen I started swimming at the Y when I was 6 months old in the baby classes. Since then, I finished all the levels in the swim program at the Y, except for the Shark class…Read more
16-LizKoengi I started working in the Aquatics Department at the Rye Y when I was in high school, first as a lifeguard and then as a swim teacher. I was immediately drawn to teaching…Read more
16-Jim-Iris-Lore We joined the Rye Y nine years ago because it’s easy to get to from Mamaroneck, has a good Fitness Center and good activities for our family. Our son and daughter took swim lessons here …Read more
16-JacksonHaffner  My brothers and I have been swimming on the Wave Ryeders Competitive Swim Team for about seven years now. I have a twin brother, Riley and a younger brother Rowan …Read more
 16-KellyLewin Being the Child Care Director at the Rye Y is my dream job. The Rye Y has been a part of my life for years. My three boys were enrolled in camp here, took swimming lessons and went to teen nights…Read more
 16-JT I started coming to the Y when my daughter Zen was nine months old and we wanted to do the Daddy and Me swim classes. She is now 11 years old …Read more
16-GregWilson I moved to Rye in 2000 from New York City, and the first thing I looked for was a gym so I could continue to work out. The Y was an obvious choice for my family and me…Read more
16-GuyZerega My daughter lives in Mamaroneck and belongs here with her family so I was familiar with the Rye Y. When I moved to Rye two years ago, I joined. My dad grew up in Rye, on Milton Road. …Read more

I was finishing my year as an AmeriCorps volunteer at Open Door [Family Medical Centers] and my supervisor told me that there was a position open at the Rye Y…Read more


 16-EmilioEscaladas I currently live in Rye, very close to the YMCA. About 15 years ago I arrived at the Rye Y with my four children to attend swimming and gymnastics classes…Read more
 16-GregFauci My wife used to work here and got me a job as a swim instructor in 2001. It was a part-time job for me while I was in college. I really liked teaching kids to swim…Read more
16-DianeRyan I came to the Rye Y through LIVESTRONG at the YMCA. I heard about the program from my oncologist. I had worked out before being diagnosed with metastatic ovarian cancer…Read more
 16-GrahamRoss Today I’m here for a Paintball trip. Paintball is a lot of fun. The instructors that go with us help us out…Read more
16-Bonnie-Hall I retired five years ago to take care of my grandchildren who were not in school yet. I am touched at how friendly everyone is at the Y and how many activities there are for seniors. Read more
 16-Michael-Woolfolk  Michael moved his family to Rye from Manhattan four months ago. He and his wife Eniko have two children, a 13-year old boy Artem and a three-year-old girl Victoria…Read more
16-BenRoath (age 10): This is my second year on the Wave Ryeders swim team. At practice, I like to go swimming and really like seeing my friends that I’ve made on the team. Read more.
 16-BarbaraArgy  I was working for IBM in the 80s when they started a “plan for life” for their employees, in order to get fit. The programs included smoking cessation, psychological assessments, and fitness. Read more.
16-AngelaKing I’ve worked at the Rye Y for the last 21 years, since 1994. I began as a staff member in the Fitness Center, working the desk and helping members with the equipment. Read more.