Rye Y Story Project: 2014


 Matvey I had high cholesterol and diabetes and didn’t feel good. This place is so supportive. I became friends with everyone. I fell in love with this place… Read more bill-gale Rye Y staff member Bill Guyre was introduced to his wife Gale by Gale’s daughter, Laura Laura, Member Wellness Coordinator at the Y.
Bill: I began working for the Rye Y a little more than ten years ago… Read more
 Samantha-B I joined the Rye Y when I was in kindergarten when my mother signed me up for Gymnastics Camp. That was three years ago. Gymnastics was a little bit hard to do at first… Read more
 Cookie Most people move to Florida from this area, but I did the opposite and moved back to Mamaroneck from Winter Park, Florida eight years ago and got married. I subsequently retired but I wanted to re-connect ..Read more Finn-D I’ve been coming to the YMCA for about 2 years now, since I moved from England. It was nice coming from England and being able to make new friends at the Y and at school…Read more
 andrea-robinson In 2011, my aunt became very ill after a long battle with ovarian and breast cancer. At that time, I worked for an organization that did not offer a balance between work and life although they preached that they did…Read more Beth-M My parents moved here when I was about 3 months old. My siblings and I went to the camp here for many years beginning in 1982. Back then, the building was old. I remember signing in at the old house.  Read more
 carl-b I’ve been a member of various Ys for the last 25-30 years but the Rye Y has always been my favorite. I’ve also taken advantage of the AWAY program when I travel…Read more Diane-De In September of last year, I had surgery and had to undergo radiation treatments. My doctor, Dr. Stevens, wanted me to lose 15 pounds. …Read more
 David-L I come here instead of physical therapy. After a major back surgery, the Y helps me stay in good physical condition. Coming here keeps my body from falling apart…Read more Kayla-L I’ve been coming to the Y since I was a baby! I started out taking swim lessons at the Y and this is my second year on the team. I really like being on the swim team… Read more
 Lisa-G I’ve had an eating disorder my entire life (40+ years), including compulsive exercising, but couldn’t admit it to myself until Y members and staff helped me face it. I’ve been a Rye Y member …Read more  Stephen-N I’m a veteran and was in Vietnam in the 60s. I have lived in Rye for 41 years and have been physically active my whole life…Read more
 PattyB I’ve been a member for about 14 years. Our family moved here from London. I had always worked out and I needed a place to go…Read more Nancy We have been Rye Y members for 22 years. In the beginning we joined for the kids’ programs – swimming, gymnastics, Mommy and Me with Ellen Watermelon…Read more
 Frederic  My family and I joined the Rye Y about one week ago, and we are very happy that we did! I am originally from France and moved to the U.S. about 2 years ago…Read more  Jay-B  I love swimming and thought it would be good to practice year round to become a better swimmer. My mother suggested the Y…Read more
Diane-N I came to the Y eight years ago as a part time exercise instructor, my third or fourth career. I have been an Assistant VP of Human Resources and a college Admissions Director…Read more John-C I needed to go to the gym. I had been going in the City. The Y provided me with the exercise I needed and more. It is a great community…Read more
Jen Health and wellness have always been an integral part of my life, and so after relocating from the Bronx to Harrison 4 years ago, my first intent was to find a gym to cater to my needs and that of my 86-year-old mom…Read more Gina-A I started at the Y by swimming with my daughter Sandra.
My daughter Lisa worked here after high school in the
after-school program. I started working in Child Watch almost 17 years ago…Read more
 Johanna-A  I am originally from Argentina, and joined the Y about five months ago in June. I moved here to Rye as part of an Au Pair exchange program. I am very happy to have met my host family…Read more JohnR I was introduced to the Y as a child when my Mom started taking swim lessons at the Woodbury, New Jersey YMCA . She brought me along and after watching her, I decided I wanted to learn too.  Read more
 Jeff-Be  I come here in the morning with my wife. I use the gym and my wife uses the pool. Then she puts on a superman suit, I take her to the train station and she does battle with the world…Read more Julia-S I have been coming to the Rye Y for 26 years. My twin boys learned to swim here. Now they are 29 – one got married in September and his twin brother is getting married on New Year’s Eve! Read more
 John-Ca I became a member of the Rye Y in 1980 and have never looked back. I always love coming to the Y and taking the group exercise classes. Sometimes I am the only guy in the class…Read more karens I’ve been a member on and off for probably 20 years. I first came for exercise and one of the byproducts was that I made friends. The Y also offers a nice variety of classes…Read more
Leo-K I was a career naval officer and during that time served in many capacities including on aircraft carriers, stationed in Japan, living on Guam with my family… Read more Lise I am originally from France and joined the Rye Y this past May. I made a great friend when I moved here to Rye. Johanna participates in the same Au Pair Exchange program that I do…Read more
 MaryEllenD I moved from New York City to Rye with my husband and children in 2002. This move gave us a great opportunity to grow and change. Ever since we moved here, the Rye Y has…Read more Sam-Komatreddy- I have been swimming for about five years. I started in the swim lesson program and went from Guppy 1 all the way to Fish…Read more
 Michael-B I first came to the Y when I was in high school. I was a lifeguard, swim instructor and Assistant Aquatics Director and continued working at the Y…Read more MaryS We have been members of the Y for years and years. We joined so my husband and I could work out…Read more
 Michael-Go When I was 35—I’m 62 now—I started taking yoga and meditating, and became a vegetarian. It put me on a path that allowed me to accomplish my goals…Read more RachelG The Rye Y has been a “lifesaver” for our family! We moved to Rye after living in London for seven years and we absolutely love the programs that are offered to young children…Read more
RogerH I moved to the area from Taiwan 28 years ago. I tried other Ys in the Westchester area but after comparison – distance wise and convenience wise, I joined the Rye Y…Read more Jacqueline-W The Y became a part of my life through the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. I had finished my treatment and had been active all of my life. Cancer threw me for a loop…Read more
 bill- I am very new to the Y. I have only been a member for one month. I had heard from a friend that the Rye Y was a great place and would suit my needs…Read more Michael-T-S I’m a long-term member of the Rye Y. My wife grew up in the community and introduced me to the facility. I have seen the Y grow from one pool…Read more