Rye Y Story Project: 2013

Below are the stories of several of our participants.

Connor I love coming to the Y every day. I like my gymnastics class with Miss Tatum and my swim class with Peter- its lots of fun. Read more. TLevine I’m going to be 87 years old. I’ve always kept in shape by walking between one and three miles a day. But then I wondered, would it be good to use one of these machines?  Read more.
 Dede I joined the Y about 12 years ago. I had been going to a gym near my home in Larchmont but the machines were too hard on my body. I had a friend with Parkinson’s and brought her here. Read more.  DanielG  I currently live in Harrison and joined the Rye Y with my family when we moved from Boston to New York about 10 years ago. I have three children who have participated in the Rye Y Day Camp program as well as a variety of swimming classes. Read more
 Deborah  I had surgery twice this year and also the year before. So for me it’s been two long years of physical therapy and hard work. It has been a long journey for me. Read more  Yamileth  I first started coming to the Rye Y when I was working for a local family taking care of their kids and I used to bring them to the Y for classes and programs. Read more.
 Eddie  I’m a lifelong Rye resident who graduated the class of 1981 at Rye High School and joined the Y more than 20 years ago. I was here before the construction. Read more.  Denise  We have had a family membership for years; my children were on the swim team. I’ve always liked sports and biking, but not exercising. Read more.
 Carolyn  My doctor recommended that I swim to help my rheumatoid arthritis. I knew the Rye YMCA offered water aerobics so I joined since I don’t swim. Read more.  Nicole  Nicole is originally from Germany and had not had any experience with the Y until she moved to New York City and became a member of the West Side Y. Read more
 Daniel  After moving to Mamaroneck years ago, I decided to join the Rye Y. I needed a place nearby that would keep me active, especially during the winter months. Read more.  Gretchen I am serious about my exercise. I started running in the 1970s and did a couple marathons. I walked the last 5 miles in both. I decided I needed a more thorough, extensive kind of exercise so I took up wind surfing. Read more.
 Debbie  I was born in the Bronx and moved to Hawaii in 1988. I live on the island of Oahu. I am currently visiting my 81-year-old father who still lives in New York.  Read more.  Noreen  I didn’t know many people when we moved to Rye Brook. My husband was always working. With two children under the age of 3 years, I needed a place for “family.” Tot Drop and Child Watch allowed me to have time to myself and take care of errands for an hour. Read more
 Anna  I’ve been a lifeguard since I was 16. Five years ago, a coworker at Mohawk summer camp recommended me to the Y. I’ve been here ever since and am still grateful to her. I love it here. Read more.  Habib  I’ve lived in Rye for 20 years. My children used to swim at the Y; both were on the swim team and one of them was a lifeguard. A year ago, I needed to look after my health because my cholesterol indicators were high. Read more.
 Michael & Megan  Michael: We’ve been members for about eight years. Swimming was the main attraction. We live around water. My sister-in-law has a pool. My wife Karen and I did the parent-swim classes with the kids. Now, Megan is on the practice swim team and [son] Ronan is on the pre-team. Read more.  Yoshimi  We moved here from Tokyo and have been living in Rye for three years—my husband, my 12-year old son and me. My son is in middle school. We joined the Y as family members in July 2013. Read more.
 Rebecca  I was an electrical engineering major at University of Maryland and after college worked in the corporate world. I didn’t find it inspiring. I was constantly looking for a mentor to help me learn and grow. Read more. JenniferI Keegan has coming to the Y for 6 months. I work part time and like to spend time with him when I’m not working. We’ve taken Baby Sports and Gym and Swim. Gym and Swim was really fun and got him acclimated to the water. Read more.
 Tim We hear quite often about the importance of exercise to help those with diabetes. We hear it less often as a control for asthma and allergies. I have suffered with chronic nasal allergies my entire life. I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 20. Today I am 52.  Read more. Susann I traveled here to America for the first time ever about 3 months ago. I was born in Germany and plan to stay here for about a year. A couple weeks after I settled into my new surroundings I began searching for a gym to help maintain my weight. Read more.
 SusanS I survived cancer. I came to the Y as the next step in my recovery to regain my former strength. I reached this goal and have gained even more than I hoped I would find.  Read more.  Lisa My husband and I moved to Rye as newlyweds 20 years ago. The first thing we did was join the Y. When we started a family the Y became an even bigger part of our lives.  Read more.
 Laura  I was planning to become a NYC Police officer when my husband Pete (then boyfriend) suggested I apply for position in the Fitness Center here. Read more.   Sarah I live around the corner and joined over 10 years ago as a single parent. My kids were 6 and 10 then and the Y was a very welcoming place.  Read more.
 Nina We moved from the city looking for a network and a community and the Rye Y was highly recommended to us. The prices here are fair. The babysitting is a lifeline for me – the childcare is really terrific.  Read more Margaret I’ve lived in Rye for seven years. My husband and I moved here from Charlotte, NC with our three young children. We joined the Y as soon as we arrived. Read more.
 Joan I enjoy golfing, tennis and walking and have a treadmill at home. When I broke my rotator cuff about 10 years ago, I joined the Y for the pool.  Read more. Mara My family and I have been a part of the Y for about five or six years now. I had heard of the Rye Y’s reputation in the community, particularly that has friendly and helpful staff, and that its membership reflects the cultural diversity that exists in our region.  Read more.
 Amanda During my junior year at Boston University, I became very sick and was bedridden for over 2 weeks. I lost 20 pounds and lots of muscle tone. I wanted to regain my health and strength but would be starting from zero. Read more.  Mary My brother encouraged our family to join the Y when we moved here 10 years ago. The family atmosphere is great – moms, dads, kids. I used to bring my daughter and son to babysitting and the staff still ask about them.  Read more.
 Laura Alexander has been coming to the Y with me since he was 1½ years old. We come to the Y four days a week. We started with Armelle, and then joined the Tumblin Tots in gymnastics.  Read more  Lyell Ever since I left college, I’ve worked in the development field. In 2009, I was looking for part-time work after being home for a year with my baby daughter.  Read more.
 Katie I initially came to the Y with my daughter 30 years ago. She learned to swim here. I always wanted to learn but didn’t succeed in overcoming my fear of the water.  Read more. Lisa About 8 years ago, I moved to Rye from the city. I’m a choreographer in New York City and needed somewhere to train on a daily basis with good facilities. The Group Ex studio here has a great floor for dancing and mirrors and I use it to dance when it is empty. Read more.
 Judith I came to the Y over 10 years ago because my daughter Elissa told me to. I injured myself in Florida, had a back operation and could barely walk. I started in the pool.  Read more.  James I have been a Rye YMCA member for over 30 years. I first started coming when my son was 7 or 8 yrs old and taking classes at the Y. He later became a lifeguard and worked at the Y for a few years.  Read more.
 Fred Five years ago my brother Jayme passed away in Santa Barbara, California. This event prompted me to seriously think about my own mortality and to question whether or not I was taking adequate care of myself.  Read more.  Elsy and Max Elsy (age 4 ½ ): Today we are going to swimming class together. Now Max is an eel too. Peter is my teacher. He is a good teacher. He looks like a giant.  Read more.
 Douglas I moved to the town of Rye in 1993. This same year I joined the Rye Y community. My family was actually just recently recognized for our 20th anniversary of membership!  Read more.  Ariel I feel like I’ve grown up at the Rye Y. I started attending camp here with my brother when I was 8. My family lives in Queens but my father works in White Plains so we commuted together every day. Read more. 
 Diana Diana has been coming to the Rye Y for approximately 10 years. She had originally heard about the Y from her neighbor, who used to be here every day, but is now 95 and has slowed down her activities.  Read more. Beth We joined the Y when I was pregnant with my 2nd child because we wanted a family gym. The Y is a place where we can all have fun and exercise. Read more.


If you would like to share your Y story, please contact Denise Woodin or Lisa Tidball at 914-967-6363 anytime. On our website, full names are displayed as images only for our members’ privacy (not searchable).