While the Y is Closed

The below facilities are available for Rye Y Members while our facility is closed.

Carver Center (starting 9/22/21), 400 Westchester Avenue, Port Chester
Reservations must be made up to 48 hours in advance of reservation time, you can use our reservation portal: https://ryeymca.org/reservations/.
(55 minute swim blocks starting exactly on the half hour).

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Members must bring their Rye YMCA membership cards and proof of identification. Members will sign in with Rye Y staff member at the Carver Center and will be escorted downstairs to the pool area. At this time locker rooms are only open for toilet use. Members should be prepared to swim when arriving and should be prepared to leave wet. There is a short 5 minute window between swim times in which members can dry off and put clothes on over their swim gear on the pool deck. There is no changing onsite at carver center or anywhere on their grounds including their parking lots.

We are guests at the Carver Center and all Rye Y members must adhere to all Carver Center rules:
-Masks required in the facility at all times except while swimming
-swim caps required for ALL in the swimming pool, they are available at the front desk for $5
-absolutely no changing in the facility. Locker rooms available for toilet use only
-no changing out of swimsuits on carver center grounds . Please be respectful of this rule and be prepared to arrive in your swimsuit ready to swim and leave in your swim gear.

Carver Center Procedures:

-Arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled swim time to ensure you can properly check in
-Park in the parking lot of carver center and use back entrance door to enter the facility (next to the playground) Ring the doorbell on the left and wait buzzed in
-Check in on the first floor with the assigned rye y staff member
-Pool is on lower level, there is an elevator available for those who need it
-Upon entering the pool area, please wait for lifeguard direction before entering the water
-Please be respectful of 55 minute swim time
-When exiting the pool please dry off before exiting the pool area
-There is no locker room access at this time – please arrive in swim gear and be prepared to leave in your swim gear
-Reservations can be made online up to 48 hours in advance
-Reservation times are limited so please be respectful of all scheduled swim times. Any member who makes a reservation and does not show up without formally canceling in advance will be contacted. Failure to adhere to this rule can result is suspension of future reservations.
-At this time, members are limited to 3 reservations per week. This can be reevaluated after we assess member usage in the upcoming weeks.
-The pool temperature is currently regulated at 79 degrees, however the heating will be adjusted and beginning September 29 will be regulated at a higher temperature

New Rochelle YMCA – Update – 9/21 – the New Rochelle Y is temporarily closed.

  • Access to the New Rochelle Y by reservation only – call the New Rochelle Y to reserve a spot 24 hours in advance of desired reservation time. Reservations can be made for group exercise, water exercise, lap swim, family swim, fitness center usage, (914) 632-1818
  • Schedules for activities can be located on the New Rochelle website
  • All Rye Y members must adhere to all New Rochelle COVID protocols such as social distancing and mask wearing within the facility
  • Members must bring proof of membership (membership card) and identification upon each visit
  • Locker room areas available for changing only, showers are not currently available due to maintenance
  • Lap swim reservations are for 45 minute time blocks, allowing staff 15 minutes of cleaning in between reservation

Darien YMCA will honor Nationwide Membership.  Members must check in and follow pool laps with schedule, group ex schedules and fitness center hours on their website.  Click here to visit website.