Kids Outdoors!

Local children now have more than 100 reasons to get outside and play this winter thanks to a Winter Outdoor Fun Passport produced by Kids Outdoors! –a community collaboration sponsored by the Rye Nature Center and the Rye YMCA.

The “passport” lists ideas for outdoor activities ranging from “walk the dog” to “have a snowball race” to “pretend you are a cartographer and need to make a map of your backyard.”  The suggestions are grouped into five categories:  Get Active, Play, Pretend, Search and Get Creative.  Children who complete ten activities in each category before March 21, 2013 (the first full day of Spring) will receive a prize.

During the winter when the days are short and cold, children’s outdoor play time tends to dramatically decrease.  “The benefits of outdoor play are not weather dependent,” noted Christine Siller, Executive Director at the Rye Nature Center. “The passport is a great tool to give your kids to make sure they are getting the exercise, sunlight, and free play time that their bodies and brains need during these colder months.”

The passport is available at the Rye YMCA, Rye Nature Center and The Rye Arts Center or download the Outdoor Fun Passport.

For bulk copies, contact Christine Siller at 967-5150 or Denise Woodin at 967-6363, ext. 101.

Launched in October 2012, Kids Outdoors! is a community collaboration to promote unstructured, physically active outdoor play and exploration for children of all ages