Community Spirit and Creativity Rule at the Rye Y Cardboard Boat Regatta

RYE, NY (March 23, 2015) Family fun, community spirit and creativity ruled on Friday evening, March 14 at the Rye Y’s 2nd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta. Dozens of youth and families with cardboard and duct tape boats attempted to cross the length of the Rye Y’s Brookside Pool. A few boats glided almost effortlessly to the finish line, some capsized at the start line and others needed a push from Rye Y lifeguards to reach the end of the pool. Whatever the result, the enthusiastic crowd of about 100 spectators cheered and encouraged the adventurous sailors.


Grand Prize Winner: Michael Engerann

Best Design: The Beatles – Yellow Submarine, captained by Eduardo Fernandez & Bishop Ibrahim

6 and Under
Heat 1 – Violet, captained by Campbell & Morgan Kaderabek
Heat 2 – Sharkey

8 and Under
Heat 3 – Wave Ryder, captained by Julie & Morgan Tiedeman
Heat 4 – (TIE): The Dream Boat, captained by Suze & Wiebe Jolink and Megalodon, captained by Ben Fontecchio
Heat 5 – Team Austrailia, captained by Oliver & Nelly Connor

10 and Under
Heat 6 – The Dutch Lightning, captained by Sjef Smits & Luuk Van Rooijen

14 and Under
Heat 9 – S.S. Directioner, captained by Talia Colombo & Callie Schultz

Adult & Child Combo
Heat 10 – M.P.J.
Heat 11 – Grand Jacques, captained by Lucas

Click here to view slideshow of the event.
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