“The team from the Rye YMCA did more than brighten the walls of this little gem of a school in the Bronx. They brightened the lives of our students through their act of kindness and generosity.”
 – Eavan O’Driscoll, President St. Ignatius Middle School

Even with the press of work and family obligations, our members still feel the need to connect with their community and each other in meaningful ways.

Togetherhood is a national YMCA initiative that involves volunteers of all ages in projects that benefit the communities we serve…and beyond. Between August 2014 and October 2019, over 275 volunteers of all ages participated in 24 Togetherhood community service projects. Watch this video to see the impact we’re making!

Each year, our Togetherhood Planning Committee identifies, plans and implements at least four projects. Along the way, they create friendships, build new partnerships and make a real difference outside the walls of the Y.

There are two ways you can get involved in Togetherhood:

· Join the Service Committee or

· Volunteer at one of the projects

For additional information, contact: Denise Woodin, Rye YMCA Director of Community Impact and Social Responsibility at 914-967-6363 or