Cynthia’s Story

We moved to Harrison this year from Brazil – my husband, me and two boys. He’s working in the city every day and needed somewhere to exercise very early in the morning and I needed somewhere to go after I dropped the kids off at school. I didn’t know anyone here. So I looked on Google maps and I found this Y! I knew my cousin in Atlanta used to go the Y there so I said, “OK, let’s look at this one.”

We love it here! It is also perfect for the kids as we were looking for swim lessons and other classes for them. Coming here is the best moment in our day. We come here every morning. My husband comes at 5:45am and I come at 9. The teachers are very good and very inclusive. Tatum takes classes with me and is also a coach for my kids. It is a friendly environment and I have felt very comfortable since the beginning. Yvette and Diana both contribute to the warm and friendly atmosphere. I love it here. I was away during the summer and I missed it. The Y is making all the difference for our physical health and emotional health.

It is perfect for our family. In the afternoon I go with my kids to their classes. This afternoon my son has tennis. He loves it. Tatum is the best. My other son has swimming twice a week. So I’m here every afternoon and every morning!

I see everyone from their schools, so we have made friends here.

The Y is the perfect place on earth. I feel so lucky to have found it. To think I didn’t know anyone and no one told me to come, but I found the perfect place. When I see someone new I say, join me! It’s super fun. Everyone is super friendly. Coming here makes my day.