Rye Y Student Volunteers Share Their Experience

by Lindsey Kim

For the past few weeks, the Rye YMCA has had five student volunteers from two different schools. These students are Lindsey Kim (Blind Brook), Jenny Ma (Blind Brook), Alec Howells (Rye HS), Lindsey Vita (Rye HS), and Spencer Reno (Rye HS). All five interns have been working on their senior internships to fulfill high school requirements for graduation. Each student needed between 20-25 hours a week and has been working four to five hours each day to reach their goal. The teens work with different staff and on different tasks; they were recently asked about their experience:

What made you choose to do your internship here?

Alec- “I wanted to work with active people and the body because I’m interested in physical therapy; I also wanted to work with people and give them direction.”

Lindsey V. – “I’m here often so I thought it would be convenient.”

Alec and Lindsay

Alec and Lindsey V.

Jenny- “I enjoy health and fitness as well as working out so I thought it was appropriate to do something relating to it.”

Spencer- “I chose to do my internship at the Y because the building has been a huge part of my life since I was in seventh grade and I wanted to be part of the organization that has helped me over the years.”



Lindsey K. – “I come here so often that it was convenient and I thought it would be a comfortable environment to work in.”

What has your experience here at the Y been like? And what have you been doing?

Alec & Lindsey V. – “Our experience here has been enjoyable, we’ve been working out, seeing how an office is run, and seeing all that goes on and how the work isn’t focused on one thing. There’s always something going on and there’s never a dull moment.”

Jenny- “Really nice, I have been doing a lot to help out such as making flyers, spreadsheets, helping out at the health fair and with senior health and fitness day, and I have been taking fitness classes.”



Spencer- “My experience at the Y has been great. I have had a great time working with the kids and helping them live healthy lifestyles and become better at sports.”

Lindsey K. – “Good, I have been mainly working in the office with different things to do and people to help; my main project that I get to do myself is the bulletin board outside of the fitness center.”

Lindsey Kim

Lindsey Kim

What is your favorite thing about working at the Y?

Alec & Lindsey V. – “Taking classes!”

Jenny- “Taking classes and seeing what the Y has to offer.”

Spencer- “My favorite thing about working at the Y are the basketball classes because I love playing the sport and helping kids learn it.”

Lindsey K. – “Meeting the friendly people here at the Y and seeing all of the happy faces that walk in.”

Before working here what was your involvement with the Y? Did you come to the gym? Swim?

Alec & Lindsey V.- “ We come to the gym daily and our parents work here at the Y.”

Jenny- “I come to the gym occasionally and did some YMCA programs when I was younger.”

Spencer- “I work out at the Y almost every day and have volunteered for the Y in the past.”

Lindsey K. – “I come to the gym almost every day to work out and used to go to the YMCA summer camp when I was younger.”

What are your impressions of the Y after working here a few weeks?

Jenny- “The Y is a great community, everyone is important to the Y and they have a great vision of how they should help the community, and I admire it.”

Spencer- “I have learned that the Y is a better place for little kids to hang out and learn sports than I previously thought.”

Lindsey K. – “There is a really good sense of community here at the Y and a good sense of teamwork and helping others out. The Y has a good idea of what they want the community to look like and it’s great how much they want to help the community and how much involvement they have with the community and neighbors.”

 What have you learned since working here?

Alec- “I’ve learned how to better interact with people and give them direction.”

Lindsey V. – “I learned how to interact with people and that the Y is all about pleasing people.”

Jenny- “I learned about all of the different programs and what the Y does and how active they are in the community.”

Spencer- “I have learned how to be a better coach and to annunciate myself more than I used to.”

Lindsey K. – “I learned about all the different programs the YMCA has to offer and all their involvement in the community and how the Y is not just a gym and swim but much more.”