Rye Y Story Project: Ted

TLevineI’m going to be 87 years old. I’ve always kept in shape by walking between one and three miles a day. But then I wondered, would it be good to use one of these machines?

I’ve lived in Rye for 44 years and was a member of the Y for a brief period 25 years ago, when my kids were young. I rejoined about two months ago and started using the bike, the arm bike and the strength training machines. I feel just wonderful; it’s such a difference. I can measure it. Two months ago, I was at a level 4 on the bike. Now I’m at level 11. I’m just so delighted; I can’t tell you. And helping me do this is your wonderful staff. Anytime you ask something, you get answers quickly and efficiently.

Walking is wonderful, but it doesn’t use your muscles in the way they can be used. I’m still walking, but now I have more energy. I just feel good, better than ever. Before, I figured that I’d live to be 90. Now, I figure I’ll live to 100.