Lynda’s Story

LyndaMy husband and I were both in the US Air Force in Maryland. A job opportunity for him led us here in 2018. We belonged to a YMCA in Maryland so I guess you could say we were transfers. The Rye Y blew us away – the amount of classes offered, the child care, just this community in general, very family friendly and inclusive. We’ve made friends here that I didn’t expect. At other gyms, it’s usually just a place to work out and you’re done. I have four friends that we semi-regularly see because of this place!

We take advantage of the swimming lessons for my little ones who are ages 5 and 3. We used to go to the soft play every Saturday during the cold weather and that was amazing. We also did the family night one weekend and the Halloween party and Healthy Kids Day.

Both my daughters have been in Kinder Camp and my older one in Gymnastics Camp. She was blessed, the 5-year-old, with being invited to try out for the gymnastics pre-team. So she’ll be starting that. That also brings us together as a family because we know all the staff too. I know Melissa and Shelley because I’ve worked out with them – it’s a family thing.

I find a group exercise class every day to take – whether it’s from Teresa or Hanan or Diana or more recently JT – he’s pretty intense! And Kathy, I love Kathy. As I was getting more into fitness I thought, it would be so cool to get certified someday. I was a fitness instructor in the Air Force but it was pretty raw and rugged. There was no music; it was just, let’s do pushups. Very bare bones. I was thinking it would be so cool to get back into that.

One day after class Hanan mentioned that the Y was looking for substitute instructors and asked if I had experience and was interested. It was as if she read my mind! The fact that she recognized something in me meant the world to me. It was really a blessing. I’ve followed in her footsteps, learning the ropes of the choreographed Les Mills’ BodyPump class. I submitted my video a month ago to Les Mills and found out that I passed. I’m going to start teaching later this month!

October update:

I have been teaching for the past two weeks and have taught three BodyPump classes so far. What an eye-opening experience, to be in the front and responsible for everyone else’s workout!

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Lynda was interviewed for  the Rye Y Story Project in September 2022.