Looking Forward to Camp

Grace and Rosina cropped

Good friends Grace, age 11 and Rosina, age 10 were recently interviewed about the Rye Y’s Discovery Camp. Grace is returning for her second year at camp; Rosina is looking forward to her first experience with the Rye Y.


Q: Grace, what are you looking forward to at camp?

G: Making new friends, the activities and some of the trips.

Q: What were you nervous about when you first started camp last year?

G: I was nervous about being around different people. Because in past camps, I was around people I knew.

Q: After one week at camp, how did you feel, and why?

G: Awesome! Because I made a lot of friends. The activities were really fun. We played a lot of games and sports that included running and I love playing games like that.

Q: Tell me about the counselors.

G: The counselors were really fun. I remember that Sanjay would play the guitar during lunchtime and that was fun. A lot of the kids would crowd around to listen while they ate.

Q: Rosina, what are you looking forward to?

R: The activities, especially swimming. And trips. And maybe, new friends. And the sports.

Q: Is there anything you’re worried or nervous about?

R: Making new friends, not being alone. [Grace puts her arm around Rosina to assure her. “You have me.”]

Q: What do you think will be the best part of camp?

R: Probably making new friends and spending time with Grace.

Q: Grace, what advice do you have for Rosina?

G: Bring a lot of water and put a lot of ice cubes in it. When you dive deep in the water, plug your ears because if you don’t they’ll hurt a lot when you come back up. Cut your hair before summer because you have to wear a swim cap and it doesn’t hurt as much with shorter hair. On the first day, try to make a lot of friends, because it will be better for the rest of the summer. The camp is really fun and I think you’ll like the field trips too.